Republic of Dreams Exhibition in Warsaw

The exhibition by MikaJohnson called „Republic of Dreams“ was premiered in Warsaw on July 25th 2021

The corresponding website gives the opportunity to expierience Bruno Schulz Literture in differnet languages.

The visitor is encouraged to listen to the pieces and fall asleep, thus entering the Republic of Dreams  and encounter the literure of Bruno Schulz there.

„Central to this project is the idea that Schulz lives on, since by coding his memories, dreams, and identity into his work with language, Schulz transcended death. This is possible thanks to a virtual space, manifested by Schulz in his lifetime, which now expands with each new mind that makes contact with his work. It is that space, which we call The Republic of Dreams, which this project is devoted to sharing with a wider audience.“

The Exhibition consists of

  • 3 Psychoacoustic Dream Maps by sound designer Eli Stine
  • 6 Sleep Corridors (enhanced narrative excerpts) by Jackson Bierfeldt
  •  Graphics, an Illustrated map of
    Schulzian worlds, by Polish artist Marta Lissowska
  •  3D point cloud video by Jakub Krejčí
  •  Music by Polish composer Wacław Zimpel
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